HowTo make Jar files searchable for Windows Desktop Search

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Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is extensible for many file-types through Ifilter plugins. The Problem is that most plugins are not free, and I think most of you won’t buy a Ifilter plugin for 74 $ to add the functionality of indexing Jar files to WDS. But there is a free Zip Ifilter from Citeknet and Jar files are nothing else but Zip files. So how do we get the Zip Ifilter to manage Jar files too?

We need to get the Zip Ifilter plugin from CiteKnet and install it. Then we have to edit the Registry to tell Windows that a Jar file is a Zip file.

  • Start the registry editor
  • Export the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.zip to a file
  • Replace .zip with .jar everywhere in this file
  • Your file should then look similar to this:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    The important thing is, that there is now a PersistentHandler which points to the Ifilter plugin.

  • Import this file with regedit, by simply double-clicking it.
  • Restart Windows.

After the restart WDS only need to index your files again and after that you can now search within Jar files. Happy Searching!

Icon of Jar file by David Vignoni under LPGL

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